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The Best Way To Frame A Canvas Art

Canvas is a woven cloth that artists may paint one or print on using specialized printers. You may purchase them in two ways: stretched on a wooden frame or rolled. Canvases on stretcher bars need another frame to complete the work, either a conventional wood or metal picture frame or a canvas floater frame.

Before framing, rolled canvas must be stretched and put onto wooden stretcher bars. Canvas prints come in various sizes, from single to multi-panel, such as 5 Panel Wall Art.

The ideal method to hang a canvas is with a Custom Photo Canvas Print, knowing that the images on the canvas are ones you desire and want to have on your wall. You may also add a frame to make it more visually attractive. So, how do we put a frame around a Canvas Print? Don’t be concerned; this article will fix your issue.

How To Buy A Frame For Canvas Print

1. Measure the canvas

Determine the length, breadth, and depth of the canvas using a tape measure. Make a note of the dimensions and have them ready for when you’re looking for a frame. Most tape measures include markings in 1/16 increments, so be sure to measure carefully.

Even an error of 1/8 of an inch may result in the purchase of the incorrect frame size. Recheck the measurements to ensure they are accurate.

2. Choose a frame that compliments the canvas

Frames are as diverse as the canvases they contain, so choose one depending on how you want the final result to appear. A little contrast between the canvas and the frame is visually appealing.

Avoid frames that are too close in color to the canvas and contrast the canvas’s style with the frame’s style.

Simple paintings look well in ornate frames, while edgy contemporary art looks excellent in plainer frames. Less is more in general. Choose a frame that complements the artwork on the canvas rather than detracting from it.

3. Buy a frame from a craft store

You may browse for a frame now that you have the canvas’s dimensions and know what type of frame you want. Find one that is the same size as your canvas in length, breadth, and depth. The usual frame sizes are 810, 1114, 1620, 1824, 2024, 2430, and 3040, although some shops may have smaller sizes, such as 1020.

Whether you’re shopping in-store, phone ahead to check if the size you’re searching for is available. This will save you from having to make numerous visits to various shops. Keep a record of the pricing that various shops provide. This will assist you in locating the most excellent price.

Another viable alternative is to purchase a frame online. The precise measurements of the frames sold online will be available on websites.

4. Buy canvas clips 

These are often sold in packs of four and maybe readily purchased at a shop or online. One canvas may be framed with one set of four. Typically, canvas clips do not need the use of screws.

Canvas clips that need screws are available in seven sizes: 1/8, 14, 3/8, 12, 34, 1, 1 14. To determine the size you need, measure the frame from the back to the rear of the stretcher-bar.

How To Frame A Canvas Print

1. Insert the canvas into the frame

Place the frame face down on a flat surface, then insert the canvas, decorative side down, within. When inserting the canvas into the frame, take care not to damage the decorative side.

The canvas should be placed on the inside lip of the frame. Rearrange the canvas to fit correctly within the frame if it pops out of the frame or is uneven. Keep in mind that each frame is unique; some will fit extremely tightly, while others fit loosely.

2. Attach the clip-on canvas clips

Install the clip-on canvas clips if you purchased them. Choose one side to begin with. Take note of where the canvas’s edge meets the frame’s edge. Insert the clip’s pointed end between the frame and the canvas’s edge. Then, pull the clip over the stretcher bar and firmly push it in place.

The canvas is attached to the stretcher-bar. Push down on the clip firmly enough to keep it in place. Attach the following three clips in the same manner, spacing them equally across the canvas.

3.  Attach the canvas clips that require screws

Place the clips on the frame where you want them. One in the center of each stretcher bar will suffice. Then, using a pencil, make a mark in the canvas clip’s holes, and repeat for all four canvas clips.

Make sure the markings are visible, then drill a tiny pilot hole at each one, being careful not to drill through the frame or stretcher bar. Set the clips over the holes and attach them with screws.

4. Turn the painting over carefully 

You may now inspect the completed work. The frame should be tightly wrapped around the canvas. If the canvas slips out, you should probably tighten the canvas fasteners.

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