What To Do When Your Jewelry Breaks

Fine jewelry is prone to wear and tear also. There is potential for a lost ring at every turn, from dropping into drainpipes to tossing off with a winter glove. As summer approaches, keeping your jewelry safe throughout the warmer months poses many unique issues. In memory of bracelets strewn on the sand, gems shattered by a wild game of beach volleyball and rings strewn across the ocean floor.

However, if you cannot fix your jewelry on your own, jewelry repair is always available, and practically every type of fracture has a competent solution. When you need jewelry repair, follow this guide to learn more about the procedure, so you know what to anticipate at the jewelry store and how to receive the finest treatment. 

Continue reading to discover how you can fix your jewelry with different options and how much it will cost you when you look for professional jewelry repair

Fixing Chipped Diamonds

Unfortunately, a chipped diamond can’t be repaired once it’s been damaged. Therefore if you have heart stud earrings damaged from different activities, they can’t be restored to their previous value or integrity. Because the stone’s internal structure has been weakened, it is possible that it will break even more if it is struck again.

Check to see whether your diamonds are protected; most are for specific types of damage. You can also exchange your diamond at any reputable jewelry store, but you’ll have to pay a specific amount. An imperfection, such as a chip or crack, decreases the value of your diamond.    

With the chipped diamond, an exchange is also possible. You may, however, be handed a stone that is less valuable than the diamond you paid for because of its condition. If you are ready to pay a little more money, you can turn in your old one for a new one.

Reconnecting Broken Chains And Necklaces

Because it receives the most wear and tear, many necklaces break at the clasp. There are two common issues: a jump ring opens, and a piece of the clasp is lost, or the spring clasp breaks and no longer closes properly.

While most chains can be easily mended this way, certain chains will take more effort. However, a jewelsmith can repair a damaged chain or necklace at the point of breakage or shorten it to a new length by removing an unrepairable section. But the jeweler cannot totally restore the pattern when they break. The repair will be slightly evident in the work region. Although jewelers do an excellent job of making this junction slightly unnoticeable, it is still soldered and less flexible at the repair location.

Do not try to DIY a repair.

Never attempt to repair your jewelry on your own, even if your favorite heart necklace breaks and appears to be fixable with a little craft glue or you believe you can tie it back into place. You run the danger of destroying the piece’s integrity by bending the prongs of the setting, chipping the stone, or exposing the metal to harsh chemicals found in household materials.

Wearing damaged or broken jewelry is also not a good idea. This considerably increases the chances of subsequent damage. That is why bringing your damaged jewelry to professional jewelry repair can save your precious pieces. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Jewelry?

The cost of a jewelry repair service is entirely dependent on the item in question and the work that needs to be done. Restringing a heart necklace, for example, can cost up to $75 depending on the extent of the damage and is more expensive than replacing a chain clasp.

Repairing a ring with a precious gemstone, especially if you need to replace a diamond, can be rather costly. It’s crucial to receive an estimate before beginning jewelry repair because it can cost more than individuals anticipate. Before scheduling a consultation, receive an estimate from your jeweler.


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