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8 Best Yoga Poses to Help You Lose Weight

Despite the fact that there are many types of exercises accessible today, yoga remains the most reliable and efficient way of nurturing and toning one’s body holistically. Through the years, studies proved yoga as a beneficial exercise.

Many individuals have benefitted from the healing of yoga by healthily reducing weight. Yoga for weight reduction is a contentious subject. Most individuals think that doing yoga alone would not help them lose weight. When yoga is coupled with a balanced diet, it may help you lose weight while also maintaining your mind and body in good shape.

Yoga improves your body awareness and how you connect to it. Instead of bingeing on foods that cause you to gain weight, you will begin to seek healthier foods. So, which yoga postures are the most effective for weight loss?

Best Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

1. Triangle Pose

The ultimate Triangle posture is a strong yoga practice that may aid in treating several illnesses. It boosts metabolism and, as a result, reduces fat stores in the stomach, calling it the ideal yoga for belly fat loss. It also has muscles that aid in the loss of the weight you were born with.

Stand tall with your hands over your head and your legs spread out horizontally to attain this pose. Stretch out your hand and put it on the same foot as previously. The upper hand should be parallel to the eyes and towards the ceiling. For approximately 5-6 seconds, maintain the position. Rep on the opposite line and go back to the beginning.

2. Sun Salutation

Suryanamaskara is a popular yoga posture for belly fat reduction. There are about 12 different breathing postures that tone the whole body. This yoga posture is often paired with other positions.

Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutation or Salute to the Sun, is a yoga exercise that consists of a flow sequence of twelve elegantly connected asanas. You can watch sun salutation yoga videos to have a good presentation of the sequence of positions.

3. The Cobra Pose


Bhujangasana is another name for this posture, which resembles that of a snake. It is beneficial to lose weight in the upper body and abdominal muscles. However, a professional yoga instructor would not find this advisable for pregnant women.

Place your hands on each side of the mat and your foot on the floor. With both hands, move the floor till the fingers are slightly underneath the shoulder muscles. Move the shoulders back a little at a time. Concentrate on your abs as you go upward from your belly button to your jaw. Raise your upper body off the ground, keeping your head up, and your knees, knees, and feet tucked up.

4. Downward Facing Dog Pose

It is a weight-loss yoga technique that is effective. To do this posture, lay down on the floor with your tummy flat against the yoga mat or floor. As you slowly raise your body into a tiny mountain posture on your limps, feel the discomfort in your stomach subside for a few seconds as you maintain the position. Reverse the loop, and you’ll be back in your previous position.

5. Boat pose

This yoga posture is a full-body exercise that tones your muscles and boosts your heart. It aids in the development of muscle and the acceleration of metabolism. As a consequence, it burns a lot of calories and helps you lose weight.

To do this posture, sit up straight with your legs extended and your knees bent. Elevate your foot from the floor and align your shins with the ground. Maintain the posture by stretching the hands parallel to the board for approximately 30 seconds. So let go and repeat five times more.

6. ‍Upward plank

This is a challenging suggestion for beginners to grasp, but it pays off nicely to lose weight. Begin in an upward plank posture if you want rock-hard abs. It’s one of the most effective yoga postures for weight loss. Sit in a comfortable position with your legs straight and stretch out in front of you.

To perform this posture, place your hands behind your hips and aim your fingers towards your foot. Prepare to ascend slowly, keeping your foot straight and pointed while pulling your head back. Since it is the exact opposite of the push-up position, it may seem challenging at first. Repetition, on the other hand, makes a person acceptable and fit.

7. Chair Pose

The chair position is pretty self-explanatory, like a position that mimics sitting in a chair. Stand tall with your knees crossed and arms straight up above your head to execute this posture. Bend your legs at about the same time. There shouldn’t be much, but if you look down, you should be able to see your foot. Spend 30 seconds in this position. After taking a big breath, repeat. The chair posture puts stress on the legs and muscles, which helps you lose weight.

8. Seated Forward Bend Pose

This challenging posture extends your whole back from your feet to your elbows. It also helps with stress management and weight loss by regulating stress eating and losing weight.

On the mat, sit tall with your legs straight. Raise your arms over your head and stretch your arms out to the sides. Take a deep breath in and extend your spine. Bend down and try to reach your toes with your fingertips while exhaling. Your back will extend as you inhale, and your forward bend will deepen as you exhale. You won’t be a pro unless you can completely bend your foot forward.

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