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A Guide about CBD and Hemp

CBD and hemp oil products both came from the cannabis plant. CBD oils come from flowers, leaves, and stems. However, hemp seed oil uses extract uses extracts the seeds of the plant. 

If you wonder what hemp is and what CBD products are, this little reading is for you. This article will help you understand more about hemp and CBD. We are here to guide you purchase the correct products that you will not regret.

Hemp originated from the plant of Cannabis Sativa. It has been used as a medical treatment worldwide to produce a variety of industrial and consumer products. Moreover, hemp is considered one of the sources of fiber and oilseed that has grown globally. 

Fifty states in the United States legalized hemp for medical purposes. Much to the argument that it is a psychoactive material, it appears that the high CBD content of the plant mitigates the possible effects of THC. 

Hemp is often one of the misunderstood plants in the world. However, hemp brings benefits and advantages in the modern world. The history records can help and be used in cooking, manufacturing, medicine, and more. Hemp began to get known in the industry way back 8000 B.C.

What is hemp?

Hemp is an industrial plant and a variety of cannabis Sativa. Hemp refers to variations that contain more than what is referred to as marijuana. Hemp is not a drug. It does not have intoxicating effects, although its extracts can have some therapeutic benefits.

Hemp is a plant that produces both THC and CBD like its illegal cousin, marijuana. Also known as Cannabis Sativa, this plant contains over 80 chemicals that are either psychoactive or beneficial. 

Uses of Hemp

Hemp is well-known as one of the efficient plants due to its ability to utilize sunlight and photosynthesis rapidly. Experts discovered almost 61 different varieties of cannabinoids that contain the well-known presence of THC and CBD. 

Hemp is used in medicine, food production, manufacturing, and more. Today, CBD or cannabidiol is a beneficial cannabinoid that has significant therapeutic benefits. Top-graded pure CBD oils are widely used to aid different health issues and medical illnesses.

Industrial applications of hemp are also plentiful. There are different ways that you can use hemp. 

  • Hemp can be used as an alternative bio-composite for construction (hempcrete is a stable alternative for construction)
  • Clothing manufacturing (hemp fiber is very durable)
  • Body care manufacturing (hemp oil is used in lotion products, soaps, and more)

Hemp is also beneficial in the kitchen. Hemp seeds are becoming a well-known, nutritious topping for salads and soup, while hemp oil is used as an alternative to olive oil or vegetable oil and other possible uses. 

Some cosmetics and beauty products also contain the substance. Shampoos may also contain hemp, which has the necessary acids needed for hair growth. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, also known as hemp or cannabis. CBD is one of over 80 chemicals found in the plant and is the second most common ingredient in marijuana after THC (THC). THC is a dangerous drug listed in the U.N. Single Convention on Psychotropic Substances, but CBD is a prescription drug. 

Organic CBD oil is effective to some of its users. The product helps aid different medical needs, such as anxiety, pain, digestive issues, and more. Moreover, researchers and experts are still digging into facts about CBD. 

Where does CBD come from?

Although hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plant varieties and have a high CBD content, there is one big difference between them. Hemp is legal, but marijuana isn’t. 

Hemp plants, unlike cotton, can be grown in large quantities with little water or fertilizer. It is naturally pest-resistant, so it does not require pesticides or insecticides. It also absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and releases it into the soil via its root system.

Hemp seeds serve as a complete protein source, which means they contain all essential amino acids. Your body does not produce amino acids on its own, so you have to obtain them in your diet. 

Can CBD get you high?

CBD cannot make you high. There are no psychoactive effects from CBD. If you plan to buy CBD and use it as your medical treatment, it is best to find a pure CBD product that contains less than 0.3% of THC.

It is best to consult your doctors first if you are unsure of its side effects. Experts know how much your body needs. 

Cannabis and Hemp CBD both contain THC. Hemp contains more CBD and less THC, so rest assured that it is safe to use, and you won’t get a high sensation after using the product. 

So if you are still wondering what product is best for you to use, it is best to ask your physician first. You can also check about CBDs’ legality on this site.

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