black handbags

Handbags are not just storages for your essentials. A great sense of taste and the right style choice can pull your entire look together and make a strong style impression and statement.

Every person has several types of bags in their wardrobes. Like shoes, each different bag serves its purpose, brings impact to a whole outfit, and speaks an individual’s style. It can uplift one’s confidence, or it can also ruin the whole look on the wrong side. What is the right bag? Which suits your style the most? Here’s some guide to lead you to a well-balanced fashion style. Below are must-haves women’s western purses you must purchase.

Shoulder Bag

From the world itself- they were worn by clinging the bag over one shoulder. It varies in size but is generally large enough to hold all your belongings and still add up some previously, making it one of the most active and commonly-used types of handbags. Shoulder bags are ideal for everyday situations, either casually or professionally. It is a great idea to get one in a neutral color. A faux western leather purse can be easily adapted to different outfits and settings.


Usually carried via two short handles, this medium-sized handbag is usually handsome and sturdy. They resemble a soft-sided briefcase that is large enough to stash some books, magazines, and a laptop. Perfect to wear if you want to elevate an on-campus look or keep a corporate chic but practical outfit style. High-quality leather is the best choice when purchasing a pouch.

Tote Bag

Consider it as the answer to your everyday haul. A large, single-compartment bag usually has no closure- a tote makes it easy to take in and out while on the move. Though often constructed from hardy fabrics such as canvas or nylon, totes come in many materials and eye-catching patterns that can be sophisticated enough for office looks and small gatherings.

Evening Clutch

A glamorous handheld purse is generally an evening accessory, though formally can range from moderate to very upscale. A clutch is worthy of an extravagant ball or wedding event with its sequined or beaded details. A low-key design of it could be carried out to a date night. This smaller purse can still pack a lot of versatility- some have removable shoulder straps, and others can even be adjustable and turn double its size.

Backpack Purse

This realistic style is a polished version of the campus classic, allowing you to look great without the hassle of handling a purse while moving. Backpacks vary in size- some are small with dramatic shape and details- but many are large enough to carry many essentials. This casual style is excellent when traveling, weekend errands, casual dates, and emphasizing your student-chic look.

Woven Basket Bag

Popularized by Jane Birkin in the 60’s- this style has dominated fashion in and out over the years. It is perfect when aiming for a boho-chic feminine style thanks to its organic fabrication like rattan, straw, wicker, and raffia. The sandy-beige hue and flair like beads, fringe, and seashells are suitable for vacations- compatible with your maxi dresses or an even simple white shirt and jeans attire.


Best friend of a minimalist type of person. Loop one around your wrist. It is a cheap western purse but stunning in its tiny way. It is a small, discreet, and perfect size for carrying debit cards, ID, lipstick, keys, and cash. Some are even designed for a specific unit of smartphone. It can be used for an evening hoping, running a quick errand, or attending a festival.

Hobo Bag

It is a timeless, fashion-forward option for many scenarios, including casual weekends, travel, or chilling out with friends. It is stylish without trying hard. It is more glamorous than the name itself because some designs are more structured, maintaining that soft crescent shape with minimal fabric and embellishment. Looking elegant without committing is its primary goal.

Tips Before Purchasing

  • Check the bag’s hardware, including clasps, zippers, feet, decorative pieces, and handle parts. Make sure that it should feel secure, and the materials themselves should be free of chipping or tarnish.
  • Their stitches should be symmetrical and consistent, both inside and outside of the bag. It indicates that the bag is thoughtfully constructed and won’t easily fall apart even in vulnerable or sudden circumstances.
  • Comfort is the key—whatever style, fabric, color, or design you choose, wearing it is essential. Slaying the look you want to achieve without giving up your comfort is a major plus factor. It will also mean that you will want to reuse that bag over and over again.

Always remember that quality matters whichever western style purse you decide to invest in. Ensure pieces that will serve you well for years to come. Think about the possible attires you already have in your closet to match up with the bag. A great purchase is an excellent investment.